The Hallows

Posted on 19. Nov, 2010 by in HD720p, iPhone4, Video, Vlomo10

We have been quite excited to see the new and second to last Harry Potter film which came out today. Only part two remains and the journey is complete.
We were able to snag tickets online yesterday and went right after the kids got off school. Julia sobbed during a couple of sad scenes (I’m not admitting to as much). Being that it’s a part 1, it was quite unfulfilling but still very good.
The three snippets in this video are of a preview, the IMAX teaser which I included because the lady in front of us makes a great hand gesture. Then the opening title screen plays and we’re done. What, were you expecting a pirated Harry Potter movie shot from an iPhone? :-)

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  1. lgude

    20. Nov, 2010

    Very meta – I missed the great hand gesture and didn’t realize you did it with the iphone!

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