Sunset With Bush Fly

Posted on 29. Nov, 2010 by in Video

This sunset looked great in the viewfinder, but was upstaged by a huge bush fly that started hanging around. He buzzed the Xacti repeatedly – transforming the soundtrack. His body was as thick as a pencil and his wings looked like they inspired the XFighters from Star Wars. Not reassuring. If you have seen some of the classic Australian films you have heard the sound this guy makes before – usually when the hero (or heroine) finds themselves in a bit of strife.

Then he decided land on my shoe. I handled that ok but then he walked onto my sock.  That was it.  I grabbed the Xacti and fled. Fifty  meters down the track he was still pestering me but eventually he let me alone.

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  1. jinfinite8

    29. Nov, 2010

    oh my that fly!

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