Posted on 30. Nov, 2010 by in HD720p, Vlomo10

I got the idea that it would be fun to do a animated movie to end #Vlomo10. The problem with that idea is that I have no knowledge, software or skills to support that idea. Then I remembered the old days of the Internet and an equally old job where my team made animated gif┬ábanner ads in Photoshop for our advertisers. I only know how to make them because I was the team leader who got the weekend emergency calls when an ad needed to be fixed or changed immediately in order to avoid the world coming off its axis. So, during that job I had one of my designers teach me how to make animated gif’s and that’s how this ‘movie’ came to be. Enjoy…and don’t forget to smile.


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  1. lgude

    04. Dec, 2010

    Nice finish to the month!

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