Roadside Assistance

Posted on 16. Nov, 2010 by in Video

It’s Vlomo10 so even when you are stuck beside the road it is an opportunity to make video.

2 Responses to “Roadside Assistance”

  1. jinfinite8

    17. Nov, 2010

    I liked this. You almost tripped on that wire though. :-)

    What happened to the Camry? Dead Battery?

  2. Lorenz

    17. Nov, 2010

    No I dropped my immobiliser and it spit open throwing out the chip and then closed up again so I didn’t notice. That was the RAC truck and he ‘temporarily bypassed’ my immobiliser – because to permanently bypass it would violate state law – get it? I took the immobiliser key to a place that installs them and the guy just popped it apart with his fingernails showing me it was empty – no wonder it didn;t work. I went home and scrutinized the carport and found it and put it back together, It works, I bought the bits today to solder a switch into the bypass which the guy put in so I can bypass the immiobilizer with a secret switch, I also got a new modem router and it appears to have fixed my internet up just fine. You’re right I did almost trip on the wire.:-)

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