red book

Posted on 30. Nov, 2009 by in Lumiere, NAVLOPOMO, Video, vlomo09

carl jung’s red book has just been published and dad’s copy from my aunt pat arrived today. for more on the red book’s amazing story check out this new york times magazine article. my lumiere video is of dad opening the red book and viewing some of Jung’s original handiwork. the video was a collaboration in terms of what we wanted to shoot.

this video also marks the official end of our contribution to #NaVloPoMo for 2009!

We each posted 15 videos taking turns posting each day. It was much harder getting a video shot, edited and uploaded every other day than I thought it would be! I’m glad I did this and I’m glad it’s over. :-)

We both discussed this around the dinner table tonight and our plan is to continue making and posting videos here so check back again and by all means leave us a comment or a link to your own video work.

thanks for stopping by and watching!


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