I took the kids to Phipps Park to play soccer while Shannon did some grocery shopping.

The soccer devolved quickly.

John was ‘bored’ one minute after arriving. So while John climbed trees and I was annoyed with him, Julia and I played soccer. I had set up my video camera to run on the side of the field to capture some moments.

The kids discovered my camera and started making movies. Something about Gorilla fighting. John also had great fun spitting water from our water bottles. He was giddy. Then they watched their video creations in delight. I took film of one scene that they made with my iPhone 4 while they were making their film on my Sanyo Xacti.

This video starts with a shot of them making their video (it has no audio). Then we see the same scene as Julia and John intended it. Finally, you see them reviewing their movie. It’s a movie in a movie of a movie or something like that.

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  1. lgude

    23. Nov, 2010

    Postmodern kids! The no audio of the first section gives it a slight dream like quality – like in a longer storytelling movie would signal that it is a memory or a different point of view. The sudden loud kid sounds signal immediacy and because we have already seen what was going on the kid’s movie is interesting in a different way and the small differences in the camera angles makes it easy to connect the two sequences. Nice editing and the titles are so ‘big screen’ they are a hoot.

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