Lilies’n Roses, no Guns

Posted on 24. Nov, 2010 by in Video

I’m not just being cute with the reference to Guns ‘n Roses.¬† By ‘no guns’ I mean ‘no drama’. Here is the explanation. I’ve been fascinated since I started making Lumieres how they don’t carry the viewer by doing all the work of telling the story. That is, by being dramatic. We see so much TV and video that has been carefully crafted by others to tell a story¬† that simply by being presented a static video like a Lumiere the viewer’s expectation of being told what to think and feel is frustrated. I am beginning to play with the notion that just as Lumieres inhabit a sort of gray area between still and motion photography they also seem to push the viewer into a space between meditation and being hypnotized in the usual dramatic way.

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