Lightning Strikes

Posted on 20. Nov, 2011 by in #vlomo2011, HD1080i, Vlomo11, Vlomo2011

Earlier in Vlomo11 I shot a video of a woodpecker high up in a tree. It was the very tree that was the victim of a direct lightning strike about six weeks ago that killed the tree.

There was nothing to do but cut it down – it would have eventually come crashing down on someone. It’s sad to see such a tall lovely tree go.

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  1. lgude

    27. Nov, 2011

    I knew he was cutting a notch on the far side at the beginning because I watched Nelson, who worked for my dad, fell countless trees, He dropped them right where they were wanted with no assistance from ropes. Then I used to jump up on the log and cut the branches off the top with an axe and then mark the log out in 12, 10 and 8 foot sections with chalk and then Nelson or my dad would cut it up. Nelson had his own team to snake the mill ready logs out to the skidway so we could load them onto a truck and take them to the mill. My dad always left that magic notch to Nelson. We cut all the timber for our 10,000 square foot chicken house that way. The mill kept a percentage of the wood as payment, but the wood was free to us. We just had to pay carpenters to assemble it.

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