High Spirits

Posted on 17. May, 2010 by in Video

Setting out to make a Lumiere of this quietly flowing stream a couple of young women walking dogs arrived on the scene.

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  1. Ruth

    23. May, 2010

    I think it changed from being about the stream to being about the dogs. I believe W.C. Fields refused to be in movies with children or animals since they upstaged everything else.

  2. lgude

    24. May, 2010

    Indeed. I was doing the stream when the girls and dogs arrived. The camera was sitting on the ground on the tiny Gorillapod. I asked. “Do you want to cross?” And the rest is as you see it. I’ll do the stream by itself – I got a minute of it just before they came. It is quite different of course and much more what I usually aim for.

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