Gum Tree at Sunset

Posted on 22. Apr, 2010 by in Video

It was such a still evening that I didn’t think there was much movement to record, but zooming in on some gum trees in the middle distance showed that the leaves were very busy. ¬†And quite a change in the light over the minute the camera was on.

2 Responses to “Gum Tree at Sunset”

  1. jinfinite8

    22. Apr, 2010

    Ahhhhhh. Peaceful. This reminds me of why we like fish tanks and ocean sounds. It’s soothing, but in a visual way.

  2. lgude

    22. Apr, 2010

    I think that is right about the way the leaves move – it is like water and particularly true of gum trees. Are you inclined to do some trees too? We could do a series on a theme. Or do you have a different suggestion? Trying to keep this collaboration going and am open to anything that works. The dynamic is different at a great distance than when we are each doing our own thing in the same place.

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