Posted on 08. Nov, 2009 by in NAVLOPOMO, Video, vlomo09

I’m experimenting with musical tones and video. This is my first attempt.


3 Responses to “creaky”

  1. lgude

    08. Nov, 2009

    I think the footage is wonderfully eerie and menacing. I’d try the music more in the background, but I think its simplicity is goes with the shot. It also make me realize that I’m not ready to take on music yet.

  2. jay dedman

    08. Nov, 2009

    I kept waiting for some freaky dude to appear climbing up the latter.

  3. jinfinite8

    10. Nov, 2009

    @lgude I think you’re right about the music. I don’t think I’m ready for music yet either but I also figure I’ll never get there unless I just fail all over the place :)

    @jay I should have brought my dad on the shoot. ‘Daaaaaad, just hop in the water and be yourself!’

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