Carolina Squirrel

Posted on 16. Jan, 2010 by in Video

I’m very happy with the way this little fellow darted in and out of frame as if he knew where the edge was, and not happy at all with the camera movement introduced by the gusty wind. Time for a better tripod.

3 Responses to “Carolina Squirrel”

  1. jinfinite8

    17. Jan, 2010

    Love ‘dem squirrels.

  2. lgude

    17. Jan, 2010

    Pat emailed me that she liked the wind moving the camera around and saw the movement as part of the Lumiere. I am inclined to agree that sometimes there is legitimate movement – like the one shot from a moving British rail train we saw or your heaving dock. What do you think is ok movement? And how did you feel about the movement in this squirrel Lumiere?

  3. jinfinite8

    18. Jan, 2010

    Well, just a guess but my feeling is that if the movement is organic (wind, moving dock, etc.) then it is fine. I think if the movement ads something it can make it interesting. When I watched the Squirrel I got the same reaction as you – get a better tripod. But, it is part of the video and that seems good too. I think if we worry to much about rules we’ll be forever critical. Just go with it.

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