My Dad and I decided to team up to participate in NAVLOPOMO, the worldwide video blogging effort to post one video per day during the entire month of November.

Dad (aka Lorenz) started us off yesterday. I’ll post on the second day and then the plan is to alternate between the two of us. A lot of our current videos are either Lumiere’s or inspired by Lumiere’s. A Lumiere is a one minute video shot from a fixed video camera with no sound, zoom or editing (more examples and background here).

There’s a subset of #NAVLOPOMO called #vlomo09 happening as well this month organized by Rupert at where 30 vloggers each take a day shooting and posting one video inspired by the video posted the day before their assigned day. You can see the videos for #vlomo09 on the miro video community site setup to capture them.

I’d like to thank my dad for getting me into photography at an early age and encouraging me to explore art and creativity in all its forms. I am excited that a little of my vlogging passion has rubbed off on the old man. It took showing him the Lumiere video format but that’s been my bridge from photography into video as well.

For equipment we have a 9 year old Sony video camera shooting on miniDV casettes (yes casettes!). That’s my baby. Dad’s been shooting on a Panasonic still camera that shots vga videos at up to 30fps. We’ll be adding a Sanyo Xacti CG-10 720p high definition pocket video camera to our tool kit in just a couple of days and hope to spice things up with that. No matter the video quality though we hope to have fun sharing visions, sights and sounds with all of you.

About the name of this website, The Pencil of Nature. I’ll leave that for dad to outline in an upcoming post.

Happy NAVLOPOMO 2009!

Julian and Lorenz

You can find Julian Seery Gude (Jinfinite8) on the web pretty much everywhere and Lorenz Gude at and Lorenz’s videos are online at YouTube while Julian’s are on YouTube and